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Covalent Chemical is a leading global supplier and marketer of a full line of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and derivatives based on vegetable oils, tallow, and tall oil.

We service all of the Americas with quality raw materials in bulk and LTL quantities.  We distribute natural-based oleochemicals, including tall oil fatty acids, oleic acids, stearic acids, fractionated acids, fatty alcohols, polyunsaturated fatty acids, coconut fatty acids, ricinoleaic acid, methyl esters, calcium stearate, metallic stearates and glycerine.

We are experts in custom blending and packaging of oleochemicals for a wide variety of industries and applications, such as agriculture, paints and coatings, oilfield chemicals, surfactants, lubricants and greses, plastics, pharmaceuticals, rubber compounding, metalworking fluids, food and personal care products.

Covalent Chemicals is the only source you need for high quality products and a white-glove experience. Our team is here to help you. Consultations are always free.

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Coconut Fatty Acids

Covalent Chemical offers a wide range of coconut fatty acids that are used in a wide variety of products, including food, detergents, metalworking fluids, paints and coatings, soaps, textile chemicals and fatty derivatives. Our coconut fatty acids are available in whole and stripped versions, distilled, partially hydrogenated, and fully hydrogenated products. We even offer coconut fatty acid products that are certified kosher.

Dimer Acids and Trimer Acids

Covalent Chemical is your source for dimer and trimer acids. Dimer acids, or dimerized fatty acids, are dicarboxylic acids prepared by dimerizing unsaturated fatty acids obtained from tall oil, oleic acid, canola oil or cottonseed oil, usually on clay catalysts. Dimer acids are used mainly for synthesis of polyamide resins and polyamide hot melt adhesives. They are also used in alkyd resins, adhesives, surfactants, as fuel oil additives and lubricants. Dimer acid usually contains predominantly a dimer of stearic acid and is also called C36 dimer acid. Trimer acid is a related material in which the resulting molecule consists of three fatty acid molecules.

Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

Fatty acid methyl esters are products that are produced by an alkali-catalyzed reaction between fats or fatty acids and methanol. Fatty acid methyl esters are versatile products covering a wide range of product uses including: lubricants, metalworking fluids, solvents, fuels, agriculture, surfactants, polymers, coatings and food.

Fatty Alcohols

Fatty alcohols are a class of amphiphilic molecules composed of one or more hydroxyl groups attached to an aliphatic chain. Fatty alcohols are primarily used in the production of detergents and surfactants. They are also used to produce solvents, plasticizers, lubricants, cosmetics, inks, adhesives and foods. Covalent Chemical offers natural fatty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) ranging from as few as 4-6 carbons to as many as 22-26.

Fractionated Fatty Acids

Fractionated fatty acids are used in dairy cleaners, flavor & fragrances, industrial and institutional cleaners, metalworking lubricants, detergents, emollient esters, food supplements, alkyd resins, soaps, personal care, agricultural chemicals, textile chemical and fatty derivatives.


Glycerines can be used as a solvent, sweetener or humectants. Product applications include pharmaceuticals, foods, personal care, tobacco, antifreeze, and agrochemicals.

Glycerol Esters

Glycerol esters are used as lubricants, antistats, antifogging agents, processing aids, plasticizers, defoamers, dispersing aids and other applications that require biofunctional activity.

Metallic Stearates

Metallic stearates are esters or salts of stearic acid. Metallic stearates has applications to the concrete, paper, plastics, rubber, paint, coatings and metal industries. Several forms are offered including, beads, powder, granules and water-based dispersions.

Palmitic Acid

Palmitic acids are used in food items, personal care products, shave gels, emollient esters, textile chemicals, and fatty derivatives.

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are derived from a variety of vegetable feedstocks. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are used in alkyd resins, paints and coatings, fuel additives, metalworking lubricants, wire drawing compounds, dairy feed additives, oil field chemicals, textile chemicals, and fatty derivatives.

Ricinoleic Acid

Ricinoleic acid is used in metalworking fluids and construction chemicals.

Stearic Acids

Stearic acids are derived from animal and vegetable feedstocks. Stearic acids are used in food, personal care products, metallic soaps, candles and crayons, tire and rubber, buffing compounds, grease manufacturing, metal working lubricants, textile chemicals, graphite electrode manufacturing, oil field chemicals, shaving creams and gels, detergents, and fatty derivatives.

Tall Oil Fatty Acids

Tall oil fatty acids are used in dimer acids, alkyd resins, oilfield chemicals, metalworking fluids, liquid cleaners, textile chemicals, fuel additives, construction chemicals, rubber and tire, metallic stabilizers, ore flotation, and fatty derivatives.

Tallow Fatty Acids

Tallow fatty acids are used in a wide range of industries. A sampling would include: oil field chemicals, alkyd resins, industrial and institutional cleaners, ore flotation, construction chemicals, metallic soaps, personal care, metalworking fluids, textile chemicals, buffing compounds, and rubber chemicals.